Across the country and around the globe, as one of the World’s most successful exporters of top chart music, the sound of Sweden is unstoppable. To celebrate the occasion, the Swedish Institute presents the Sweden Music Tour, an exhibition about the Swedish music wonder.

The tour’s first stop will be Positivus Festival, the largest music festival in the Baltic states. It runs between the 15th and 17th July 2016.

The exhibition is based on the article 8 Reasons Why Sweden Rocks written by Lola Akinmade Åkerström for, the official site of Sweden. The article looks at eight reasons why Sweden, with 10 million inhabitants, rocks the music scene globally. Some of the reasons cited are the municipal music schools, songwriters and producers of world class, Spotify and the legacy of ABBA.

The main attraction at the exhibition is a virtual reality film that invites you to experience the atmosphere in the audience and what it feels like to perform on stage in front of thousands of people at a Swedish music festival. The experience is created by Hyper Island students Timothy Besada, Ashley Reed, Carl Sahlin, Kim Bernet and Producer Kami Montgarde. Sweden Music Tour is a collaboration between the Swedish Institute, Hyper Island students and Tegel & Hatt Design Agency.